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• 1/18/2014


Why do they actually form two clubs to fight each other? I mean, student council and disciplinary club should have actual duties, while here, they're just carrying around stuff for their leaders or fight each other, looking for weaknesses. Why not focus on what they should? That's a school, not a battlefield @_@ 

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• 11/4/2017
Yeah this is an old post, but I feel like replying anyway.

The Student Council does handle actual work, like approving clubs and watching the dorms, it’s just that they are supposedly tasked by their president to do his father’s bidding.
The Public Morals Club (Disciplinary Club) does have a purpose, to make the school better, this is done by doing things like watching over events, protecting the schools reputation, stopping bad students, etc. It’s created just to do their teacher(Takaomi Saeki)’s bidding.
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