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• 11/30/2016

Why isn't ORESAMA TEACHER still not an anime?

oresama teacher is one of the long running published shoujo manga i have ever read. the characters are all amazing, the background story of each characters add spice to it, the plot is always moving and mafuyu's past of not remembering takaomi is still suspicious as ever.

Over all, ORESAMA TEACHER is an amazing manga and it's even published in english by VIZ MEDIA so why isn't it becoming an anime?

I've been waiting for oresama teacher to become an anime for years and all i get is Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

If I have money, i would definetly make ORESAMA TEACHER an anime. what about you guys?

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• 4/28/2017

I would LOVE to watch a Oresama Teacher anime!  It's pretty baffling that it hasn't been made yet!

• 6/7/2017

We can still hope for an anime because this year, Oresama Teacher will have its 10th Year Anniversary Project starting with the release of fifth drama cd in July.

And one thing which smells fishy is that the series still refuse to cast a voice actor for Sakurada eventhough he supposed to appear in earlier and next drama cds. We almost have complete voice casts for the characters (Public Morals, Student Council, East High, even Kawauchi) but not yet for Sakurada. Mayyybe the higher ups want to save Sakurada for anime adaptation. A fan can dream.

• 11/4/2017
I could totally imagine an Oresama Teacher anime. I have no idea why it hasn’t happened yet, but if I were to guess, it’s probably because it’s a mixture of shoujo and shounen elements. If it’s gonna get an anime adaption, it must be done by a studio that can do awesome fight scenes, but since it’s also shoujo and they can’t really assure an audience in their usual demographic, they probably refuse.
• 4/13/2018
ikr oresama is the best manga and i owuld love to watch it as an anime as it is i can't wait for the latest chapters to come out.
Oresama teacher is the best
• 5/14/2018
I feel like the reason there's no anime is because there's way too many characters in the series. so it can be hard to find voice actors or to follow along with the story, like even I get confused as to who's who a lot. no hate though, I still love the manga and hope it gets an anime even if I frequently have to re-read chapters to remember what the hell's going on :3
• 5/15/2018
i agree u have a point i actually read teh series 3 times before i got all the characters straight but at the same time i would really love an anime but i totally get ur point. but im biased cause i really want an anime but at the same time the manga is quite good and sometimes they can muck up a series because they turned it into an anime.
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