Aki ShibuyaSynopsis

Ayabe Arc Edit

Upon first visiting the school, he meets Yukioka Komari, and asks her if she knew Mafuyu Kurosaki. Yukioka replies that Maufyu is an enemy, and Aki is left with the idea that Mafuyu is so feared that she even scares the girls.

He is then seen eating lunch with a group of girls, and from the Student Council room, both Yukioka and Kosaka Shuntaro notice that more girls are being drawn in, even from their boyfriends. Because he attracts so many people, Aki is unknowingly breaking up many couples. He sends angry ex-boyfriends to Mafuyu, saying that she is his owner and that all complaints should be taken to her. After being approached by a recently-dumped man, he is found by Mafuyu herself, who chases him, leading to him introducing himself, and revealing that he already knows Mafuyu's secret of being a former banchou.

Aki requests to become Mafuyu's henchman, but before she can reply, more men find Shibuya, and crowd around him and Mafuyu, forming a circle. However, Shibuya manages to run away, only to woo another girl, the girlfriend of the soccer team's captain. Mafuyu watches them behind a tree, and after a discussion with Aki, the girl breaks up with her boyfriend.

Shibuya is told by Mafuyu that she is actually weak- a banchou mascot, and that all the legends and rumours around her were false. Suddenly, a group of men chase after Shibuya, and Mafuyu walks to them to prove she is weak. Before she can be hit, however, both Hayaska and Yui jump in to protect Mafuyu and Shibuya. Shibuya blushes with glee, proclaiming about the strength of Yui and Hayasaka. In surprise, Mafuyu's phone falls out of her pocket, which plays a voicemail by Kangawa Kouhei explaining that Aki is drawn to strong people, and would look for someone to protect him. Kouhei states that Mafuyu must never get into a fight in front of Shibuya, because then he'd take a liking to her, and finishes off by saying "he's a really big pest".

The next day, Aki joins the Public Morals Club. He praises Hayasaka and Yui, but upon seeing Mafuyu, he treats her like a servant, and blackmails her on her former status as banchou.