Black Magic Club Leader
Black Magic Club Leader


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Biological Information
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Student
School Midori Ga Oka Academy
Affiliation Black Magic Club (former)
Personal Information
Family Unknown
Status Unknown
First Appearance Chapter 54
The Black Magic Club Leader is a student at Midori Ga Oka Academy, and the former captain of the Black Magic Club[1], which was rejected during the school's club audit. No official name has been given to him.

Appearance Edit

He has combed down hair, parted near the right, but being distressed causes him to gain an ahoge (a single strand of hair that sticks upward).[2] His most usual attire is the school uniform, though while doing club activities, he is shown to wear a dark robe.[3]

Personality Edit

Though he appears to be calm and collected, the Black Magic Club leader is in fact a very desperate man obsessed with the occult. For this reason he operates a club based on this topic, and even creates ghost members in order to keep the club alive. He looks down on others very often, using phrases such as 'layman's terms', and talking about how strong clubs have no shame.

He takes pride in his organization and planning, and holds daily meetings in the Black Magic Club. Not much is known of what actually happens in the club, but it has been shown that he uses some of the club's time to put curses on others that he dislikes.[3] A whole wall of cursed students have been seen, and Wakana Hojo in particular is the latest victim for his hexes.

Synopsis Edit

Club Inspection Arc Edit

Black Magic Curse

His true personality revealed.

After seeing Hojo reject yet another club, he approaches her, handing a full sheet of club details and activities.[1] He confidently explains what the club does, and Hojo asks if the two members meet everyday. He replies that they do, but Hojo points out that the other member, Kishida, had been to soccer practice everyday for his club activities in the soccer team. Hojo rejects the form, and cancels the Black Magic Club. Shocked, he desperately asks for a few more days to gain a proper member, but Hojo walks off.[2]

A few days later, he sits in the club room, preparing to cast a spell on Hojo.[3] With a wicked cackle, he jumps up and begins knocking nails into a photo of the woman. A bottle of laxative sits nearby.

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