Chapter 10
Chapter 10
Volume 2
Chapter 10
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Chapter 10 is the tenth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Hayasaka sees a group of teenagers fighting each other. They angrily ask if he wants to fight. He walks away, as he was watching to look for Usa-chan. Later, he and Mafuyu read a romance manga that causes Mafuyu to ask Hayasaka a question. She asks if he's ever been in love, which Hayasaka thinks is a really weird question. He tells her there's just a person he's like to meet with again. After some questions from Mafuyu, Hayasaka realizes he is in love. He decides to make posters with Usa-chan's face to help look for her. While guessing it was a dream, a groups of boys show up behind him. It surprises them when Hayasaka is actually happy to see them. He talks to them about Usa-chan, and one of them suggests it wasn't actually a human. Another contributes and adds that it must have been a garden rabbit transformed. Hayasaka heads to the back gardens and figures it was the rabbit. Walking by, Mafuyu notices Hayasaka who is talking to the rabbit. She looks at him like he's crazy and tells him to fall in love with a human. She apologizes and runs away. Hayasaka, finally using his common sense, realizes since she was wearing a mask she is human. Only, the mask is all he can remember. Meanwhile, Mafuyu worries about how hard Hayasaka is searching and expects the worse. She decides to say farewell to Usa-chan. After school, Mafuyu sees a large gathering of chattering students. Hayasaka is there with a megaphone and a large Usa-chan poster. With keeping Usa-chan's identity a secret nearly impossible, Mafuyu prepares to confess it. Before she can, Takaomi hits the back of her head and jokes about her having low blood sugar. As he starts to carry her to the infirmary, everyone thinks he'll do it princess style. Instead, he does the laid back over-the-shoulder lift. Students then tell him to carry her properly. When they arrive at the infirmary, Mafuyu awake, he tells her not to reveal herself. He tells her a story which lets her know why she can't tell him. Hayasaka, sent to get Mafuyu's bag which was left open, sees the contents spill out. In it, he finds a rabbit mask.

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