Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Volume 2
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11 is the eleventh chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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As Hayasaka is returning Mafuyu's bag, Mafuyu can hear the strangness in his voice. She asks if he looked in her bag, which Hayasaka denies. Seeing as though Hayasaka is apparantly a bad liar, Mafuyu knows he did look. She looks through her bag, then notices that Hayasaka is wearing the rabbit mask. After Hayasaka runs out of the room, Mafuyu asks Takaomi for advice. He tells her to think of a plan herself. Mafuyu decides to, since he'll only make up one if she says a degrading phrase. Meanwhile, Hayasaka mentally flashes back and starts to see possible evidence that Mafuyu is Usa-chan Man. With his "in love" percentage dropping, he thinks of how fun it would be to fight a person as strong as her. A gloomy Mafuyu is surprised when Hayasaka is running happily towards her, Hayasaka of which she suspected be angry. She is startled and dodges instinctively when Hayasaka suddenly throws a punch. He tells her how awesome she is, while Mafuyu figures out Hayasaka decided that she was Usa-chan. She is creeped out that Hayasaka isn't like his normal self. Hayasaka looks at her, and sees a pained face. Later, while Mafuyu and Hayasaka are carrying stacks of paper, he catches her strange look again. Mafuyu then decides to throw away her pride and asks Takaomi for help. She explains to Takaomi that she does not want to be idolized, and just wants to be Hayasaka's friend. As Takaomi gives Mafuyu a whole stack of rabbit masks, Hayasaka worries that taking the mask is stopping her from helping people. He hears a familiar voice and sees Usa-chan, now wearing masks also on her shoulders and knees. He is confused, and she tells him she's not Mafuyu. With a convincing story, she tells Hayasaka that she gives the masks as symbols of friendship. In addition, she offers Hayasaka one. She leaves after saying that she will return to right the wrongs of future battle. After that, Hayasaka returns the mask, causing her to make a happy look.

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