Chapter 12
Chapter 12
Volume 3
Chapter 1
Release Date 2008/09/19
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Chapter 11
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Chapter 13
Chapter 12 is the twelfth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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After three days of simple meals, Mafuyu finds that all she has left is a head of cabbage. She is saddened, and then decides to take a small vacation home for the weekend. She arrives at her front step, and her mother slams the door, thinking Mafuyu had been expelled. Mafuyu bangs on the door telling her she wasn't. Talking with Mafuyu, her mother asks if she made any friends yet. Mafuyu describes, without a name being asked for, Hayasaka. She notices he suspiciously sounds like a girl. Her mother is glad that Mafuyu made a good and responsible friend. Mafuyu tells her that the girls at school just kept running away from her. When she describes them as angels, her mother scoldes her, saying that is why she couldn't make proper friends. Mafuyu decides to keep away for a little while, seeing that her mother's unreasonable. Unbeknownst to Mafuyu, a person is watching her from a distance. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers discover that Mafuyu is back. Then their leader tells them he'll handle it, because he knows Mafuyu's weakness. When she hears people getting mugged, a girl silently asks Mafuyu to save her. She goes in to do the right thing, and the girl looks shocked. She suddenly loses balance and requests Mafuyu walk her home. She agrees, hoping they'll become friends. She us taken somewhere, and finds out the girl was really Nishi High's banchou Asahi Sakurada. He explains that Nishi and Higashi High are having a rematch, and that, as the former banchou, they could use Mafuyu. She hears a rustling from the corner, and turns to find her two former subordinates.

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