Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Volume 3
Chapter 13
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Chapter 13 is the thirteenth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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The top 3 delinquents of Higashi High reunite. With feet and hands tied, Kangawa jumps happily to Mafuyu. Mafuyu thinks he's exaggerating when he says he didn't think he'd see her again. She gets mad when he says he'd never visit her. Maizono tells her that he, on the other hand, would. He tells her that hitting just Kangawa isn't fair, and that he should be hit too. Mafuyu seems slightly disturbed at his masochism, and quickly strikes him. When Mafuyu realizes she's been acting like her old self, she tries to convince them she's become normal. When they don't believe her, she hits them again. Mafuyu then completely frees from the ties. When she attempts to untie Maizono, he tells her he asked them to do it firmly. He tells her there is a lighter in his pocket for her to use. She suddenly gets worried, but he assures her it's for low temperature candles, not cigarettes. Maizono flips over so the lighter can fall out. She lights the tie, but it all sets on fire. Mafuyu remembers an old training session with Takaomi, him demonstrating a practically impossible technique and saying it's best to get someone who probably has a knife. So Mafuyu makes a lot of noise and punches the guy who comes bursting through the door. She finds a knife and unties them. They have trouble trying to escape, seeing there are armed delinquents everywhere. As they go over what they have, Mafuyu decides to call Takaomi. When he answers, he tells her he's doing counseling. When she hears that the yakuza are there, she decides what he's doing is much more important.

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