Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Volume 3
Chapter 14
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Chapter 14 is the fourteenth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Kangawa Kouhei and Maizono Yuuto standing backs next to each other, both in tuxedo suits.

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Mafuyu spots three enemies standing in their way. They come up with a plan, but when they prepare to go for it, Kangawa and Maizono dash before Mafuyu. After they beat the enemies Kangawa and Maizono, Mafuyu thinks they have a hard time with not-so-complicated stratigies. The two again run off without Mafuyu, so she decides to use makeshift leashes. Walking through the narrow halls reminds Kangawa of video games. When they deny there ever being video game-like traps, they turn and see daruma dolls rolling towards them. They go different directions, causing the dolls to roll only over Mafuyu. Stressed after 20 minutes, Mafuyu leaves, but only causing more stress. She is startled when a Nishi High member shows up behind her. Strangely, he hands her some bread and tells her he's used to enemies escaping. He informs her about the high schools' rematch and the former banchou of Higashi High who unified north and south. Mafuyu asks if telling her of the rematch will put them at a disadvantage. He tells her no, because she's not a Higashi High delinquent anymore. She scolds him, saying that even if she's not in the gang anymore, they are still her friends. After her short lecture, he informs her that Nishi High barely saw a reaction when she left. Suddenly, Kangawa and Maizono come back arguing about how to eat eggs. Then, the armed enemies show up to fight them. Mafuyu,Kangawa, and Maizono check if they have any weapons. Looking at and thinking of Maizono's indecent photos gives Mafuyu an idea. She throws a super ball at one of them. With the glue stick, she attaches a photo to one of their backs. Everyine backs away from him and the disturbing photo. Escaped, Kangawa walks past Mafuyu, saying it was nice to see her again. He tells her it's their fight now. Mafuyu understands that the leader cannot lean on someone else. Before the three part, he tells her it would be a problem if she came. She walks away, saddened. She stares into the sky, wondering if there was pride in there somewhere.

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