Chapter 15
Chapter 15
Volume 3
Chapter 15
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Chapter 15 is the fifteenth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Thinking she is unwanted, Mafuyu decides to just go back to Midorigaoka. But then she wonders if Hayasaka and Takaomi will even care. She quickly starts to become sorrowful again. As she begins to walk home, she hopes that Kangawa and Maizono are actually looking for her. With her last sliver of hope, she goes somewhere they can easily find her. She realizes no one's there, and figures they're coming up with a plan. She wonders if she should come, even though she shouldn't. She uses her shoe as a coin and flips it to decide. Unfortunately, it lands on the one for "no". She continues to flip it, and at the third try she hits to flip the other way. Sakurada shows up and offers her a soda. He tells her that Kangawa and Maizono could have escaped even if Mafuyu hadn't been there. But Mafuyu remembers the daruma dolls and delinquents with weapons. Sakurada later suggests Mafuyu go home if she chooses not to fight, since she'll just be watching her friends get hurt. He says being with friends is fun. This causes Mafuyu to remembers happy times she had with them, like figuring out what side you eat taiyaki from. She ponders over the chain they gave her silently. She tells Sakurada that she won't fight, but she'll watch and stop worrying about them. She watches the fight the next day, noting to herself that the gang is fighting more fiercely than she last saw. However, she remembers that the gang was always strong, but they didn't fight like they do now. With a revelation, she realizes that people fight differently depending on the leader. Seeing they are doing fine, she confirms that they don't need her to lead them anymore. Afterwords, at Higashi High's victory, Mafuyu prepares to aboard the train. When she turns, however, the entire Higashi gang come running towards her train. Mafuyu's eyes turn wet when the underlings say they wanted to see her too. They throw her a letter, saying they are all her friends. On the empty train, she reads it, finding out they didn't want her to get involved in the fighting. Talking to herself that she didn't know, she starts wetting the paper with tears. Back at Midorigaoka, Mafuyu talks with Takaomi. Later, Hayasaka comes with a newspaper containing an article about Takaomi capturing an extortion ring.

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