Chapter 16
Chapter 16
Volume 3
Chapter 16
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Chapter 16 is the sixteenth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Once again, Mafuyu sees a different person walk out her neighbor's door. As she wonders who it could be, she gets a astrology fortune to beware of balls and keys for the day. She talks it over with Hayasaka at school, saying it's scary when the fortune is specific. Hayasaka thinks it means she might loose her keys, so Mafuyu attaches them to the wallet chain she put on the side of her skirt. She later runs into the banchou, who's suspension is over. After discussing the reflection essay, he tries to tell her something but instead rips the paper. He offers Mafuyu a Nekomata key chain. Thinking how honorable it is, she thanks Okegawa. She senses that he wants her to attach it to her wallet chain. She hands him her key to make it easier to attach it. She leaves, but Okegawa notices she forgot her key. Walking home, Mafuyu remembers it also said to be careful of balls. Just then, a baseball is shot out of nowhere and hits Mafuyu. As someone walks towards Mafuyu, she has a dream. She chases after the ball, and turns to find a joyful Hayasaka. Takaomi sneaks behind her and flicks his cigarette. He tells Mafuyu they should leave, but Hayasaka was still there. She wakes up to a ceiling and Takaomi's face. She quickly panics when she sees him. He tells her to quiet down and that she collapsed in front of his door. Fitting the clues together like a puzzle, she discovers her neighbor is Takaomi. He tells her it was hinted, and that he jumping out the window without any coverage and landing perfectly is impossible. She asks why girls were coming out, but she then takes it back. Searching through her bag, she realizes she left her key with the banchou. She unwillingly begs Takaomi to let her stay the night, and she is nervous in the quiet room. He plops himself on the bed, and Mafuyu figures she has to sleep on the floor. She thinks that this probably the first time she slept at someone else's house, but wonders why she can't be for sure. Takaomi grabs the Mafuyu staring at him, causing her to blush. She attempts to break free, but Takaomi's grip is too strong. When he finally loosens, she accidentally crashes hard on the floor. The next morning, she decides somethings should be left not known.

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