Chapter 17
Chapter 17
Volume 3
Chapter 17
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Chapter 17 is the seventeenth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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As Hayasaka, who overslept, walks around school, he hears a crashing noise. He spots a group of dizzy girls on the ground. This triggers his memory and makes him remember there was an assembly. Mafuyu then comes running to Hayasaka and tells him to run. They hear a flashing sound and Hayasaka is suddenly worried. Right when Mafuyu is about to tell him to keep running, Takaomi smacks Usa-chan Man masks on both of them. He tells them the Disciplinary Club is resuming its duties. He gives them the club application which he forgot about. He warns them to wear the masks when they meet him, confusing Mafuyu. Hayasaka stares at her and notices she suspiciously resembles Usa-chan. As he tells her their figures are exactly the same, she glares at him and denies it. But Hayasaka looks in a mirror and thinks that he himself looks like Usa-chan. Mafuyu later bumps into someone who gives her a dazzling look. This causes her to get dizzy and fall down. Hayasaka looks the boy in the eyes and faints as well. The boy recognizes them and claps to a group of other students. A little after that, Mafuyu wakes up looking at a ceiling. The student from earlier introduces himself as student council chairman Miyabi Hanabusa. He tells her that other members of the council carried her there. Mafuyu notices they are wearing sunglasses. Hayasaka, who was also brought there, realizes it looks like a school dorm room. Hanabusa confirms it is, Mafuyu discovering why she couldn't get a dorm when she transferred. When Hayasaka is asked to speak with Hanabusa, Mafuyu yells for him to get the mask. Too late, He stares him in the eyes and falls down. Personality completely changing, Hayasaka shys away from Hanabusa. After also staring at Mafuyu, Mafuyu begins to wobble and think she loves him. She gracefully tells him he's beautiful and musy be protected. The emotional Hayasaka tells her it's not fair, but Mafuyu insults him, saying he is not worthy of Hanabusa. Hanabusa notes that their gender roles have been reversed. As it gets out of hand when Hayasaka asks him to go outwith him, Takaomi barges in and effortlessly takes Mafuyu and Hayasaka away. Hanabusa later talks with his father, academy president, who sighs at Miyabi's claims. Miyabi says he doesn't care how everything turns out, but suggests being an evil boss sounds interesting.

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