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Chapter 18
Chapter 18
Volume 4
Chapter 18
Pages 32
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Chapter 17
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Chapter 19
Chapter 18 is the eighteenth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Hanabusa Miyabi tells the president of the Yojimbo Club that they must fight the Public Morals Club as two clubs with the same mission statement cannot exist. Kurosaki Mafuyu dresses up as Natsuo in order to fight whenever she needs to, and meets with Hayasaka to gather information on the Yojimbo Club.

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Hanabusa Miyabi informs the Yojimbo Club Leader that there is a club similar to his, and tells him that the Yojimbo Club must fight the Public Morals Club. Miyabi tells him that he may use anything he wants in their battle.

Elsewhere, Saeki Takaomi also tells Mafuyu of the upcoming fight. She dresses up as Natsuo so that Hayasaka does not find out who she is.

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