Chapter 26
Chapter 26
Volume 5
Chapter 26
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Chapter 26 is the twenty-sixth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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A page split into quarters. The first quarter features an image of the unknown person carrying a parasol with this text.

  • No desire?

Don't give up from the start. You never know if you don't try. Don't look back. Face forward. You want it badly. You know it. You can be selfish. When you reach out your hand, I'll give it to you. But you know what? You'll have it even though you can't speak for it. The second quarter features a teenager Saeki Takaomi surrounded by paper. The second half focuses more on Marika and Mori's arc. This text accompanies the third panel.

  • You never say you want something.

Please ask for my heart. You don't have to say you get it enough. Open up. You should make yourself free. You need to express your wish. If you can tell me, you'll get my heart. I'll do anything I can for you.

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