Chapter 3
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3
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 Chapter 3 is the third chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Kurosaki Mafuyu wearing her dragon chain wallet around her neck and Saeki Takaomi.

Short SummaryEdit

Mafuyu has a dream, which leads her to suspect that Takaomi Saeki was older guy who lived next door to her. Her phone call with her mom, who says that the neighbor's name was Takaomi Gojyo, only makes her more suspicious. After several failed attempts from Hayasaka and Mafuyu to secretly get information about Takaomi, Takaomi catches Mafuyu and tells her that he used to live next door to her. Mafuyu is shocked and begins to remember some memories of Takaomi.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter starts by showing a dream with a young Mafuyu running after a boy, who is clearly older. Mafuyu is then her current age, trying to remember his name. She goes through several names in her dream until shouting, "Takaomi!" This wakes Mafuyu. Since she is so worried, she calls her mother. She asks for the name of her old neighbor, but finds out his last name was Gojyo, not Saeki. Upon hanging up, Mafuyu clams down. Still unsure, she plans to learn more the next day. At school, she finds Hayasaka and talks about it with him. Hayasaka decides to help her. Mafuyu shows him an electronic bug she got from Akihabara when they spot Takaomi. Takaomi feels the bug Mafuyu threw on him and tosses it off. With that plan as a failure, they try to just call him and ask questions. Mafuyu blows her cover by telling him her name. Hayasaka says that she wasn't even trying. That's when they get Takaomi's phone number. The next method was to go to the principal's office, who was currently in, resulting in another failure. Takaomi later catches the runaway Mafuyu and informs her that he used to live next door to her. Shocked, Mafuyu denies it and says his last name was Gojyo, before finding out that he took the name Saeki when his mother remarried. Her memories of Takaomi are awakened when he reminds her of a rabbit doll. She recalls him being a tough student who's toughness rubbed off on her. Takaomi tells Mafuyu that she doesn't remember it right away because she once fell off monkey bars and hit her head really hard. He finally tells Mafuyu that she hasn't changed.


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