Chapter 7
Chapter 7
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Chapter 7
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Chapter 7 is the seventh chapter of Oresama Teacher .

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Takaomi is reading a magazine on top of Mafuyu, who is laying on the ground on top of Hayasaka.

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Mafuyu and Hayasaka go to the old building of the school to find the banchou, Kyoutaro Okegawa. Inside the building, they find Okegawa's bag, so they run away. A group of boys tells them to come and the banchou shows up. Okegawa tells them they have to give them money to enter the territory, or else he'll beat them up. So, he throws a close punch at Hayasaka. Mafuyu manages to clumsily protect Hayasaka. Mafuyu talks to Okegawa in morse code so that the fight can be settled later. Okegawa lets them go and confirms that the next fight will be two days from now. 

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Mafuyu tells Hayasaka that Takaomi said to take on the banchou. This news leaves him surprised. Hayasaka points out an old building where the school's delinquents hang out. As a delinquent, Mafuyu wonders why Hayasaka isn't a part of it. He explains that he prefers not being in a group and that he's a lone wolf, not a loner. Then Mafuyu shows a picture of the school's banchou, Kyoutaro Okegawa . Mafuyu feels nostalgic memories when she sees the graffiti-filled building. After thinking that there was no banchou at her old school, she starts to wonder if it was actually her. She indirectly asks Hayasaka, whose answer confirms her suspicions.

Inside the building, Mafuyu slams two cockroaches with Okegawa's bag. They dash out. As they try to come up with an actual plan, a group of boys say that they know Mafuyu and Hayasaka were in the old school building. They lead them to the back of the building when their banchou shows up. He tells Hayasaka he has to give them money since he came into "their territory." If they didn't pay, he'd beat him up. Mafuyu starts to worry, knowing Hayasaka can't win against a banchou like Okegawa. She can't do anything because she didn't bring her mask with her. Her various disguise attempts are obvious failures, and Okegawa throws a close punch towards Hayasaka. The sudden attack scares Mafuyu, and she realizes that he is much stronger than she expected since he smashed the concrete wall. Before Okegawa punches Hayasaka, Mafuyu tries her best to protect Hayasaka by tripping and pushing him.  

Mafuyu remembers that, in the description of Okegawa, it said he knows morse code. She sends him a message to settle the quarrel later. So, Okegawa lets them go and agrees to finish the fight two days from now.

Mafuyu talks to the rabbit mask in the reference room and decides to become Usa-chan again for the next fight. As she happily throws it up and down in the air, the mask misses her hand and shatters on the ground.

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