Chapter 8
Chapter 8
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Chapter 8
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Chapter 8 is the eighth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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Mafuyu, who is squatting on the ground, is looking sadly at her broken usa man chan mask. 

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Mafuyu gloomily shows the broken mask to Takaomi. He applies glue but crushes the mask with his grip. Takaomi then leads Mafuyu to the tools room with clothes no one uses anymore. She finds a sailor outfit, but quickly rejects it when she is commented on her legs by Takaomi. She tries a police outfit, which Takaomi states really shows her figure. Mafuyu finally points out to a uniform a student left behind.

Waiting for Mafuyu to show up, Hayasaka wonders if it is a mistake to fight the banchō. He looks behind him to see a boy who claims he's there to help. Unbeknownst to Hayasaka, this boy is Mafuyu in disguise. Hayasaka asks for his name. Mafuyu forgot to come up with a name, so she impulsively picks "Natsuo", which she finds a boring name.

Okegawawa and his gang arrive. Mafuyu tells Hayasaka he needs to find a board. As Hayasaka asks why, Okegawa prepares for an attack. Hayasaka figures that Natsuo wants to have Hayasaka handle the subordinates. Okegawa then calls out a command, with a stampede of underlings raging behind him. Mafuyu tries fighting off the unreasonable and unfair gang when a fake arrow comes shooting out of nowhere. She looks up and sees it was Takaomi that shot it. Looking back at the arrow, she notices there's a note, which says to crouch down. When she does so, several more arrows are fired, forming a makeshift prison around the gang. Takaomi shoots more arrows at an escaping underling. Mafuyu keeps fighting Okegawa, consequentially making Natsuo the new banchou. She declares that the delinquents attend all their classes and don't fight regular people. After the fight Hayasaka realizes that Natsuo reminds him of someone. Later meeting up with Mafuyu, out of her Natsuo disguise, Hayasaka tells her it's okay for her to run away from a fight and that he's glad she wasn't involved. Takaomi soon tells Hayasaka he and his helper were terrific. That's when Mafuyu figures out why she used to run after Takaomi. It wasn't to become strong or for a metaphorical big brother. She wanted to be praised by him.

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