Chapter 81 is the eighty-first chapter of Oresama Teacher.

Chapter 81
Volume 14
Chapter 81
Pages 32
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Chapter 80
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Chapter 82

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Takaomi organizes a school excursion and forbids anyone from fighting or revealing what school they are from throughout the trip. This causes mafuyu and Okegawa to wonder what else there is to a school trip apart from fighting. Later on, the two confront Nogami when they see him stalk Nonoguchi.

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Takaomi claims that recently Midori Ga Oka has been in a slump, and in order to get them out of the slump he is going to plan a school excursion as a reward for everyone scoring over 70 in every subject. They were previously banned and thus not many students at Midori Ga Oka are accustomed to such trips. This inadvertently leads to both Mafuyu and Okegawa's confusion over what people actually do on school trips other than fight with the other schools in the area. While stuck in their confusion, they notice Nogami stalking Nonoguchi and ultimately end up confronting Nogami about it. The three of them chat in a cafe and Nogami explains that he's watching Nonoguchi from afar in order to make sure she's safe from harm. Later on, everyone is about to go on the school excursion and Takaomi heavily denounces doing anything, saying anything, or wearing anything that hints at what school they go to. Shinobu and Hayasaka pack a ridiculous amount of stuff and the last panel shows a separate location with an unknown Banchou turning around.

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