Chapter 82 is the eighty-second chapter of Oresama Teacher.

Chapter 82
Volume 15
Chapter 82
Pages 33
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Chapter 81
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Chapter 83

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The class arrives at their destination and Takaomi notes that although there's another school taking a trip in the area, there can be no trouble with them. Throughout the day, Mafuyu encounters a student she recognizes the uniform of and a few students in turn recognize her.

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Mafuyu starts to enjoy the school trip when she realizes how fun it is to play Old Maid while on the train ride there. At the same time, Shinobu continues to take ridiculous amounts of pictures throughout the entire trip. Right after they arrive, Takaomi asserts that there happens to be another school that's on an trip in the same area and that the class cannot run into trouble with them. Although Mafuyu is extremely excited to participate in fun activities with her classmates, she accidentally bumps into a stranger. She recognizes the school uniform but before she can recall what school it's from, Hayasaka apologizes for the both of them in order to follow through with Takaomi's orders. The class goes to an aquarium and Hayasaka decides to touch one of the sea cucumbers. The texture surprises him and he accidentally splashes water on the stranger next to him. In a fit of anger, the stranger immediately makes eye contact with Mafuyu, but then runs off after identifying who she is. Shinobu hints that the student ran off because he knew who Mafuyu was, but Mafuyu insists that there's little chance that any locals would know her. By the end of the day, Mafuyu learns that she has to sleep alone in her hotel room, which prompts her to look around for people to rid her of her loneliness and boredom. She encounters several people but they're all either doing something or leave to do something. While making her way back to her room, she walks past the Banchou from the last chapter who recognizes her.

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