Chapter 9
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Chapter 9
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Chapter 9 is the ninth chapter of Oresama Teacher.

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At her apartment, Mafuyu is writing a letter to someone of the name "Strawberry Love" with hers as "Snow". When she gets to the P.S and wonders what than it, Takaomi suddenly pops up behind her yelling, "Post Script!" He takes her letter and feels bad for the person to read the sad letters. He asks Mafuyu who it's for, but she doesn't fully know. When she tells Takaomi there isn't any return address, he starts worrying it's an imaginary pen pal. That's when Mafuyu opens the curtain to welcome a pigeon, which she calls Josephine, who carries the mail. Mafuyu tells Takaomi that a year ago she saved the bird from drowning. She notice it had a letter, so she another one when she sent it back. A little after that it came back, which started the correspondence. Before Takaomi leaves, he tosses Mafuyu a new rabbit mask to replace the broken one. She thanks him as she shows the scary bunny mask she would've used. Takaomi then tells her the banchou's punishment, four day suspension. Walking around town, Mafuyu bumps into the banchou. He offers Mafuyu an ice cream from his bag. As they eat ice cream, Mafuyu, still feeling guilty for his suspension, weakly tries to cheer up Okegawa. But he was much too depressed. She decides to take him to the movies, and he picks a movie with a cat named Nekomata. He cries at the film, while the rest of the audience is asleep. After the movie, which Okegawa found serious, they find an arcade. In the arcade, Okegawa finds a game with a Nekomata plush. Mafuyu somehow feels she actually wants to help him, so she gets the plush for Okegawa. A group of delinquents show up and say that Midori's banchou isn't much, considering he likes the cute cat toy. Quickly, the banchou throws a punch at one of them. Mafuyu worriedly watches, and drags Okegawa away, before the staff call the police. She scolds him, saying if the police catches him,he won't be able to see anyone again. And that, if you run away, you can fight again. Okegawa compares the situation to a movie, and with Mafuyu being the prince, not knowing Mafuyu heard his monologue. As they leave, Okegawa suggests they hang out again. By the time it is night, Okegawa greets a pigeon, which he calls Torikichi. On it is a letter from a person nicknamed Snow, and he excitedly decides to answer back, as Strawberry Love.

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