Ryunosuke Himeji
Profile Himeji


Kanji 姫路 龍之介
Romaji Himeji Ryūnosuke
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Professional Status
Occupation Student
School Minami High
Affiliation Student Council (Minami High)
Club Position Student Council Leader
Personal Information
Family Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance North South East West
 Ryunosuke Himeji (姫路 龍之介 Himeji Ryūnosuke) is a third-year student of Minami High and Maizono Yuuto's best friend since elementary school. Despite being the student council leader, he is one of the four banchos of Saitama Prefecture.


Himeji has brown hair, slicked back, and wears thin rimmed glasses.


To outsiders, it may seem as though he is quiet and mysterious. Himeji hardly ever talks and prefers to use his mobile phone to communicate. However, most of the texts that he sends ends up being incredibly different from what his personality may entail, as they mostly consist of cutesy writing and smilies. Himeji's goal is to get a girlfriend.


Himeji and Maizono attended the same grade school. One windy day, the windows were open, and Himeji wrote a message on a notepad to the teacher, saying that the wind was making his toupee shift. But because he held it up in class, Himeji showed irresponsibilty and the notepad was passed around class. Maizono found the whole scene to be very inspiring.

Later, they became best friends after Maizono protected Himeji from a teacher who was scolding him.

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Maizono YuutoEdit

Maizono is Himeji's best friend, though it is unknown how they came to become friends in the first place. Maizono is the only one who isn't bothered by Himeji's 'texting personality'.

Kangawa KouheiEdit

Kangawa doesn't have a clear opinion of Himeji, but believes that Himeji is quite harsh with Maizono. After eating lunch with him and Maizono, he gained Himeji's phone number, and is the fifth person (aside from his family) to know Hijemi's number.