Kanji [Please fill in!]
Romaji [Please fill in!]
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 22*
Professional Status
Occupation Businessman
Personal Information
Family Unknown
Status Active
First Appearance Chapter 41
Kakimoto is a businessman that attended the same college as Saeki Takaomi.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Kakimoto has a mother-like personality in that he takes care of all of the women he dates, to the point where they love him not as a boyfriend, but as a mom.

Synopsis Edit

Summer Holidays Arc Edit

At a college meetup, Saeki Takaomi reveals to him that he had dated all of his past girlfriends, and that he had also become a teacher. Shocked, Kakimoto tries to challenge him to the drinking contest, but fails, and winds up drunk.

Takaomi drags the passed out Kakimoto to the former's home, but leaves him outside, where Kurosaki Mafuyu discovers him. When he is woken up, he notices Mafuyu's summer homework scattered over the floor. As the homework was uncompleted, he blames Takaomi for not properly educating his student. However, Mafuyu stands up to take the blame, proclaiming that it was simply her fault the homework wasn't done. Suddenly, Takaomi himself appears behind Mafuyu, and punches both her and Kakimoto for not doing homework.

Both are invited into Takaomi's apartment block, but he instantly tells Kakimoto to go home after he sobers up. However, Kakimoto cannot go back as he was dragged too far way from home and the trains had stopped. Annoyed, Takaomi allows him to stay, but gets up to cook dried squid while Mafuyu and Kakimoto talk.

Mafuyu asks if Kakimoto was also a teacher, but he replies that he majored in economics, and met Takaomi while in those classes. Kakimoto then offers to tutor Mafuyu, but after a while of teaching, he gives up, saying that Mafuyu was too stupid to learn. He begins to cry, and Mafuyu realizes that she is just like him. Kakimoto asks about whether Takaomi still acts high and mighty, and after a confirmation from Mafuyu, he laughs, saying that Takaomi hadn't changed.

Mafuyu then asks if he looked up to Takaomi (the way she did), but he angrily yells no such thing.

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