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Super Bun*
Kanji [Please fill in!]
Romaji [Please fill in!]
Biological Information
Gender Unknown (assumed female)
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Information
Family Unknown
Status Active
First Appearance Chapter 119
Megami-sama is a young girl (assumed) who dresses as Super Bun. They are supposedly a student of Midori Ga Oka Academy. It is later revealed that they are a certain enemy.

Appearance Edit

Megami full outfit

They are exactly identical as the true Super Bun, and wears the same mask and clothing as her, with the only difference being that they wear black leggings rather than white socks.

Personality Edit

Megami-sama appears to have a very playful personality, thinking of most things as a game.

Synopsis Edit

Super Bun Arc Edit

Megami-sama is first sighted by Kosaka Shuntaro, who believes it to be the Public Morals Club rabbit. When he tells Yui Shinobu, the latter calls Hayasaka and Kurosaki Mafuyu to investigate. Hayasaka asks for an image reference of the rabbit Kosaka saw, and Kosaka goes into his room, looking for a drawing tutorial. However, he finds that all of his books have disappeared, and realizes that it must have been the rabbit.

Megami flies away

The best method of escaping.

Later, they are tracked down by Hayasaka, Mafuyu, and Ayabe Reito to the school's roof, where they confront her. Megami-sama pulls out a book, and writes down that anyone who could guess their identity in one go would regain all stolen items. However, Ayabe angrily tries to tear off her mask instead, but they escape, flying away with a parachute.

Relationships Edit

Kawauchi Tomohiro Edit

Megami-sama and Kawauchi have an unknown relationship. They appear to be working together, with Kawauchi helping Megami-sama in exchange for a certain compensation.[1]

References Edit

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