Midori Ga Oka Academy
Chapter 35
Kanji 緑ヶ丘学園
Romaji Midorigaoka Gakuen
Status Active

Midori Ga Oka Academy (緑ヶ丘学園 Midorigaoka gakuen) is a private senior high school. Most of the story in Oresama Teacher takes place here.


Midori Ga Oka rests above a high mountain surround by thick forest. There is a nearby town, and the academy is visible from there.

Building Edit

The school is made of multiple buildings of the stick style, with the central one sporting a large pavilion. These buildings surround a large grassy field.

There is also an old school building, where the school formerly was. The first floor of this building is mainly used by delinquents, and thus is covered in graffiti. There is a judo dojo on the second floor, and the other floors all have sports rooms, though they are not used[1].

A club building also exists, though it is unknown where[2]. Most school clubs are located in this building, though some exist in the main school buildings, such as the Public Morals Club.

Midori Ga Oka is host to multiple dormitory rooms- a two dorms for male students, and at least one for girls. Males dorm one is kept watch by Ayabe Reito (substituted by Aki Shibuya when the former was away). The second males dorm is solely for Student Council members and is heavily locked. Both dormitories have multiple floors.


Midori Ga Oka has been a school since Saeki Takaomi's grandfather was a student.


Name Class Affiliation Status
Shibuya Aki 1-1 Public Morals Club Active
Hayasaka Kaori 2-1 Public Morals Club Active
Kurosaki Mafuyu 2-1 Public Morals Club Active
Yui Shinobu 2-2 Public Morals Club

Student Council (former)

Kosaka Shuntaro 2-3 Student Council Active
Yukioka Komari 2-3 Student Council Active
Ayabe Reito 2-4 Student Council Active
Houjou Wakana 2-4 Student Council Active
Momoka 2-5 Active
Nonoguchi Kanon 2-5 Student Council Active
Hanabusa Miyabi 3-3 Student Council Active
Momochi Runa 3-3 Student Council (former) Active
Goto Daikichi 3-4 Midori Ga Oka Gang Active
Okegawa Kyoutaro 3-4 Midori Ga Oka Gang Active
Kawauchi Tomohiro 3-4 Midori Ga Oka Gang Active
Arisugawa Active
Umino Active
Yotsutani Track Team Active
Yojimbo Club Leader Yojimbo Club (former)

Recreation Club



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