Miyabi Hanabusa


The Prince of Midori Ga Oka
Kanji 華房 雅
Romaji Hanabusa Miyabi
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 17-18
Professional Status
Occupation Student
School Midori Ga Oka Academy
Affiliation Student Council
Club Position President
Personal Information
Family Father (Midori Ga Oka's School Chairman), Mother, Younger Sister (Touko)
Status Active
First Appearance Chapter 17
Hanabusa Miyabi (華房 雅 Hanabusa Miyabi) is the Student Council President and the son of the school chairman. He is currently Momochi Runa's classmate in Class 3-3 at Midori Ga Oka Academy. He is fully aware of the true history of the school and everything surrounding Saeki Takaomi's bet with his father.

Appearance Edit

Miyabi is known throughout Midori Ga Oka for being the most beautiful man in the whole school. He is able to captivate and dazzle others with his smile, and people even have to wear sunglasses around him.


Saeki Takaomi described Miyabi to be much similar to Peter Pan, which confuses Mafuyu and he did not clarify why. A few speculations had been by Mafuyu, surmising that Miyabi was well-loved by his followers and that he was innocently child-like.

From what had been shown, Miyabi is charastimatic, easy-going and gentle, often wearing a kind smile on his face. He is also somewhat whimsical, playing an active role in the bet between his father and Takaomi, even though it was none of his business, he seems to be doing it for fun.

In flashbacks, he is seen wandering off without telling his "bodyguards" (Yui Shinobu and Houjou Wakana) which worries them greatly but he has actually gone to buy cakes from a shop, intending to share it with them.

He takes things in stride, willingly answering Mafuyu's nonsensical questions; he is also not shy to compliment others, commenting that others are interesting and saying that his sister is cute. He seems to have a good relationship with his family despite how often his parents were away - it is said that he is closer to his mother.

He is well-meaning, wanting his followers to get along and seems to truly wish the best for them. He knows that Ayabe Reito's psyche will be better if he goes home and he sells his follower's home address to Mafuyu, and also welcomes Ayabe back with a smile. Despite his followers' failures, he does not seem worried or angered by the foiled plans - this gives the impression that he is cool-headed. 

Miyabi seems to enjoy life, skipping classes despite being the student council president and does whatever he wants. He is described by his followers as innocent and child-like, but that does not mean he is not intelligent. He is extremely smart and perceptive, possessing a deep understanding of people around him. He can be quite cunning and is capable of 'enslaving' people with only a stare. It is also later revealed that he has good grades.

Despite his feminine looks and easy-going personality, he can be a little condescending, calling his father a fool for making the bet. He also does not seem to fear Takaomi like the rest do, showing that he is extremely strong-willed.

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Yui Shinobu Edit

A former member of the Student Council, Shinobu deeply respects Miyabi and is shown to be completely loyal to him. Although Shinobu has left the student council and feels that he has no right to be around Miyabi, Miyabi assures him that he can always come to him whenever he wants, as he sees Shinobu as a friend.