Saeki Keiko


Kanji 佐伯 恵子
Romaji Saeki Keiko
Biological Information
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Unknown
Personal Information
Family Son (Saeki Takaomi)
Status Alive
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Saeki Keiko (佐伯 恵子 Saeki Keiko) is Takaomi 's mother. Her former husband - Gojou, who is also Takaomi's birth father - passed away before Takaomi was born. She remarried quite recently and changed her name to Saeki. She is the one who gave Takaomi's grandfather the laced umbrella.


Keiko has dark, short hair, and is always seen wearing a scowl.


Keiko is a harsh and domineering person, as shown when Takaomi's grandfather says that whenever she came to visit him, she would scold him. She also appears to be quite violent, as shown in Chapter 35 when she slapped Takaomi to make him calm down. Takaomi's grandfather even stated that Takaomi and Keiko are very alike in many aspects.


Saeki TakaomiEdit

Takaomi is Keiko's son. They apparently do not get along well, and Takaomi even refers to her as 'smelly old hag'. Takaomi spent most of his childhood with his grandparents, which resulted in his bad and estranged relationship with his mother. They do not interfere much in each other's lives, and lets each other do whatever they want to.