Profile Setagaya
Setagaya in Chapter 91


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Biological Information
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Midori Ga Oka Academy
Personal Information
Family Unknown
Status Alive
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Setagaya is a teacher at Midori Ga Oka Academy.




Takaomi's Bet Arc Edit

Setagaya meets Yui Shinobu while on hall duty at night. He is surprised, as Yui is crawling across the wall. Yui explains that he is waiting for somebody, somebody who hits him and doesn't listen to him, even though he made a clubroom for them. Setagaya says that Yui is being bullied, even though the ninja isn't sure himself. Setagaya then watches Yui wait for the the others.

In Chapter 44, while Setagaya was on duty and patrolling the school, he meets Yui again, who was dressed as a tree and accidentally set off fireworks. Frightened at the sight, Setagaya fainted and was carried away by Yui.

Art of the Echo Arc Edit

After the events of Yui's return to the Student Council, he meets Saeki Takaomi, Hayasaka, and Mafuyu at the school's entrace. They see Yui, and Setagaya comments on how cool his Student Council shirt is.

Super Bun Arc Edit

At the beginning of Chapter 119, Setagaya appears again, talking to Hanabusa Miyabi, who comes to school in the holidays to retrieve some material for the student council.