Torikichi in Chapter 97.


Josephine (by Mafuyu)</div>


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Biological Information
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Messenger
Affiliation Okegawa Kyoutaro

Kurosaki Mafuyu

Personal Information
Family Unknown
Status Active
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Torikichi or Josephine is Okegawa Kyoutaro's messenger pigeon and pet.


It is unknown when or where Okegawa obtained Torikichi, however, the bird was first sighted by Mafuyu when she found it and saved it from being stuck in a river. At the time, Okegawa had sent a letter to someone in the Saitama prefecture, but it is not known who.

Mafuyu sent a letter back to Okegawa as 'Snow', and their penpal relationship began with Torikichi as the messenger.


Art of the Echo ArcEdit

Spoiler Warning! Plot and/or ending details follow.

Miyabi releases Torikichi, and he flies away to Yui Shinobu. The next day, Yui apologizes to Okegawa for stealing his pet, with both Goto Daikichi and Kawauchi Tomohiro watching. The latter two assume that Yui is Okegawa's lover because of their odd conversation. However, Okegawa's compassion went all to Torikichi rather than Yui.