Toshio Hanabusa
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Kanji 華房 俊雄
Romaji Hanabusa Toshio
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Director of Midori Ga Oka Academy
Personal Information
Family Hanabusa Miyabi (son)


Status Alive
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Hanabusa Toshio is the current school director of Midori Ga Oka Academy, as well as Hanabusa Miyabi's father.

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Background Edit

Like the rest of the Hanabusa family, Toshio deals in real estate. One particular land he was trying to sell was the land where Midori Ga Oka Academy rests above. In order to do so, he approached Takaomi's Grandfather, pretending to be a friend, then convinced the elder to sign a contract to claim rights to the land and school. However, Toshio only managed to gain the school's administrative rights, as someone had stolen papers regarding the land. Finding it a waste to not use the school, he kept it open and became the school's director, but because of his lack of knowledge on how to run a school (and his general lack of passion), Midori Ga Oka Academy soon became a delinquent infested school.

A few years later, Saeki Takaomi approached Toshio with the deed to the land, and offered a bet spanning three years - if Takaomi could double the number of students, the documents to the school would be returned to his grandfather; if he couldn't, Takaomi will hand over the documents Toshio wanted.

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Hanabusa Miyabi Edit

Miyabi is Toshio's son. However, they apparently do not get along very well, as Miyabi is closer to his mother rather than his father. Despite this, Miyabi is supposedly helping Toshio in winning his bet against Takaomi.